"Where" Are You Most Productive?

Craig at Time Management Ninja asks where are you your most productive?

Today, I want to ask, “Where do you get things done?”

Not when. Not how.

But, where?

Often we talk about being, “In the zone.”

I want to know where your zone is located.

Where are you most productive?

Not When, But Where
We often talk about time-shifting, or “Doing a task at the time when it reduces the amount of time required to complete it.”

But, what about about place-shifting?

“Can we shift work to the places where we are most productive?”

Where are you most productive?

His ideas about where to go include quiet locations (the library, in a meeting room, hidden places), new locations (that spark new ideas), in music, or on the road.

My Comments
1. I’m most productive in my office (the where), but only when – it’s quiet (via earplugs or music) and I’m working on a specific task for a set duration of time. It’s even better when I have big chunks of time to focus – such as when I wrote SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration in 5 weeks.

2. Since most of my travel is long-haul (going half-way around the world and crossing 10-13 time zones), I struggle with productivity on the road. Usually I’m too blitzed out to do any really productive stuff. I’ve learnt not to take writing projects on the road, for example, because I just can’t do it. I leave that kind of work for my office.

3. What about you? Tell Craig about it.

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