At 12.51pm a week ago, Christchurch changed forever – the 6.3 magnitude earthquake ripped apart our city and killed hundreds. Today, the nation stopped for 2 minutes of silence.

We remember those that lost their lives in the earthquake – them, their love, their hopes and dreams, their work. We share the sorrow of their families who are left behind, with sudden voids. We recommit to living our lives to the best of our ability, both because we should, but equally because they can not, and by us doing so, we honour them.

We remember the buildings and other landmarks that made Christchurch city the city for us – the Cathedral, the old buildings that were made to look modern on the outside, the particular streets. We recommit to building Christchurch anew, remembering and honouring those who built what we have called home for many years, and looking to the future for what we will make Christchurch going forward for us, our children, and those that follow us.

We remember those that have given so much over the last week in recovery. We thank them for their service and sweat and tears – people from New Zealand for whom this is their work, people from overseas who came because they had love and skills and expertise to help us in our time of need. We recommit ourselves to helping our fellow men and women in their times of need – next door, down the street, across the city, around the world.

We remember many things – some that can be said, and others that can’t be put into words.

12.51pm. We remember. And recommit.

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