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Observations about Geneva after a Day

I took three walks in different parts of Geneva yesterday. A few observations about life here, as an outsider:
– There are two classes of cars on the road. Small compact ones, and big bold ones. Not much in between.
– Based on the prices for clothing in the luxury shopping district, some people are willing to pay a lot for what they wear. I shook my head in disbelief.
– It was a bank holiday in Switzerland yesterday, and almost everything was closed. The food places were open, but none of the other shops. In New Zealand, everything would be open and it would be a big shopping day. Not here.
– My hotel does not supply an iron and ironing board in the room, nor is there a shared facility for doing ironing in the building. It’s too much of a “hazard,” according to the desk clerk. If you want ironing done, you have to send it out for laundry service, at hotel laundry service prices. But on balance, the hotel does supply free breakfast and free Internet – so it equals out.
– Having lived through multiple earthquakes in Christchurch during the past 6 months, you look at things differently, and say “we would never do that in Christchurch.” For example, the glass cups in the bathroom, sitting up above a hard tile floor on a special stand. If the ground shook here, they’d fall and smash. I moved them pretty quickly!
– Eating at McDonalds is almost twice as expensive as prices in New Zealand. Starbucks is about 50% more.
– Driving while talking on the phone is not permitted in New Zealand – but it’s still allowed here. It’s weird seeing people doing it after a long time of not being allowed to back home.

It’s fun to be here.

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