Category: Michael’s Happenings

Europe Visit in September 2016

I will be in Europe in September, speaking at a conference in the Netherlands. That is Thursday September 22. I also have a tentative booking for an Office 365 workshop on Wednesday September 21. That means I have up to three days available during the week for other […]

Then the Footsteps Came

Along the icy road we drove, To the hospital for 9am, an appointment to keep. But when we arrived she was underway. And so we waited, and she swayed. Swaying through the morning, we waited for the child. Been here ten times before, knowing what to do. The […]

April Fool’s Day

I was subjected to a number of April Fool’s Day pranks today, as recounted by one of my sons: Happy April Fool’s Day! Last night and this morning provided a lot of laughs for me. A younger brother stuck my mouse to the mouse pad with blue tack, […]

TUMI Gets Acquired

When I started traveling a lot to speak at conferences, present workshops, and help organisations with their collaboration journey my luggage was … pretty basic. It worked, but it didn’t hold up well to my demanding life on the road. And some of the early new luggage and […]

Hello World

It has been a while since I have written here, and the simple reason is that due to sickness in my family, I needed to take a few months away from work to care for my wife and children. I was able to complete a few short duration […]