Category: Michael’s Happenings

April Fool’s Day

I was subjected to a number of April Fool’s Day pranks today, as recounted by one of my sons: Happy April Fool’s Day! Last night and this morning provided a lot of laughs for me. A younger brother stuck my mouse to the mouse pad with blue tack, […]

TUMI Gets Acquired

When I started traveling a lot to speak at conferences, present workshops, and help organisations with their collaboration journey my luggage was … pretty basic. It worked, but it didn’t hold up well to my demanding life on the road. And some of the early new luggage and […]

Hello World

It has been a while since I have written here, and the simple reason is that due to sickness in my family, I needed to take a few months away from work to care for my wife and children. I was able to complete a few short duration […]

Behavior vs. Behaviour

When I started working with David Ferris in the late 1990s, since many of our clients were in America, I gave up my New Zealand English for American spelling. Even though I should go back to New Zealand English now, I prefer the American way of spelling many […]