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In Geneva for a Week

Saturday night I left my home outside of Christchurch and began the 37-hour trek across the world to Geneva. It went fine – thanks to three flights on Air New Zealand, and one on British Airways.

A few notes:
– I upgraded to Business Premier for the Auckland to Hong Kong flight, and slept pretty well for about 8 hours. The lie flat bed truly makes a difference.
– The stop over in Hong Kong was much shorter than usual. On my previous trips over the past year, we have usually had 2 hours on the ground before having to re-board for London. This time it was barely an hour.
– It was warm/muggy at both the Hong Kong airport and London Heathrow. I wished I had worn lighter clothes and shoes – jeans and strong walking shoes were a bit too much.
– I haven’t paid much attention to what’s happening outside the window on the Hong Kong to London leg before. This time, though, I was startled when the pilot banked the plane at one point, and although we were at a height of 11.5 km, the Himalayan mountains were right there beside us. When he leveled off they were below us, but they were huge nonetheless.
– Taxi drivers in Geneva would not accept credit card payment for a trip from the Geneva airport into the city. I was glad I asked before getting in – which is my standard practice now, after a problem in the US in 2007. They would only accept cash, but were not willing to give me an estimate of how much the trip would cost – which made it difficult to know how much cash to get out! Thanks to the American Express money person who said a trip to the city centre was about CHF50 – in the end, due to the lack of traffic at 9pm, it was CHF43.90.
– It’s fun speaking French, and I’m grateful now for my 2 years of French language studies at High School. I don’t remember much, but at least can say hello, thank you, and goodbye – plus a few other phrases.

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  1. Wow, it was only the other day that I saw you in Auckland after returning from a big trip. Now you are off again, I know what it is like to travel business class and it makes all the difference.
    Bon voyage!