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Three Trips, Three Problems

The last three trips with Air New Zealand have been “interesting.” First there was a cracked windscreen on the plane, meaning I was 2 hours late in getting to Wellington. Then last week there was fog at the Christchurch airport, so after getting to Christchurch the plane turned around and went back to Wellington – resulting in an extra night away from home. And today the ash cloud over New Zealand resulted in my flights being cancelled altogether.

My fourth son Daniel shares his perspective on the ash cloud and its impact:

I am sitting here, with all the other 82624 pieces of ash, waiting for the volcano to explode. “Your first target is to go around the world destroying airplanes,” said the biggest piece of ash. “You will now erupt,” he said. Then without warning, I shoot into the air with all the other 82624 pieces of ash. I circle around another piece and dodged another, climbing higher and higher. “Whoooooo!!” I whoop. There is an airplane coming toward us. I turn toward it. “I will go through the engine,” I think. Then the airplane shoots down under the ash cloud toward the volcano. “Ohhhh!” I sniff. Then it gets very cold. “We are at 2000 feet”, I say to the piece of ash next to me. We shoot toward the twin islands of New Zealand. I need to get there to stop a man named Michael John Sampson going to Wellington. We get there 11 days later. Michael John Sampson is just arriving at the airport. With my super sonic hearing I hear the man at the loud speaker say “All planes will be delayed for the rest of the day.” Mission accomplished.

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