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Update on my GTD Connect Subscription, Oct 6

As Eric noted back in August, I signed up for David Allen’s GTD Connect as soon as I could. I’m just writing to report that I’m finding great value in the program … for me it’s the monthly audio interviews between David and an interesting person that have become a key weapon in my productivity toolkit.

This month’s “In Conversation” audio interview is between David and Steve Leveen, the CEO and co-founder of Levenger. And it was published the day after I took my first ever delivery of excellent stuff from Levenger! If only I’d purchased a copy of Steve’s book at the same time; it slipped my mind.

Regardless, there was some great take-aways for me in the interview … (1) a reminder about the power of the early morning hours for quiet writing and thinking, (2) the idea of collecting “candidate” books to read, (3) taking permission to create a home office that works, and more. If you’re sitting on the fence regarding GTD Connect, one man’s opinion is try it out!

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