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Work Effectiveness and Productivity Report, Aug 15

Presentation Pointers from Kathy
Kathy shares some thoughts on delivering awesome presentations, based on watching a master presenter in action:

  • Take a long time to prepare. 20-100 hours per hour of talk.
  • Use a lot of slides to back up / complement what you are saying, but don’t read them. Use large readable fonts.
  • Use humor and be entertaining.
  • Share your passion with the audience.

Source: Creating Passionate Users

Productivity Add-In for Excel
I was recently introduced to ScenarioMaster, an add-in for Microsoft Excel that makes what-if analysis much easier.

How many times do you need to change or update a spreadsheet to show all of the possibilities? ScenarioMaster is a revolutionary add-on tool for Microsoft Excel, that makes multiple what-if scenario analysis simple and powerful. Designed to help planners, forecasters and finance departments cope with the increasing complexities of their business. ScenarioMaster brings an exceptionally easy to use multiple scenario analysis capability, in real time, to the realm of the average spreadsheet user. Excel does not have this capability built-in.

The alternative is to build a lookup table for scenarios and use vLookup commands in cells, but ScenarioMaster makes it very simple.

Source: Jian Software

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