8 Random Things about Michael

Marc’s tagged me with the latest blog thingee–8 random things about me. Here they are;

1. It’s very easy to have something in common with most people with kids. If I’m talking to someone with a 5 year old and a 3 year old, I’ll often say “I have a 5 and 3 year old too”, not mentioning that I have another 5 kids of different ages too.

2. During the 1990s I probably only saw 3-4 movies. Since The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King came out, I’ve seen a few more. Current favorites are Batman Begins, Zorro, Andre Rieu (music), and Pirates of the Carribean.

3. I love gadgets, fine pens, big work desks, large monitors, and shopping at Levenger stores. It’s good for my bank account that Levenger doesn’t have a Christchurch store!

4. When I worked with David Ferris at Ferris Research (for 6 years or so, from 1998 to 2003, with a few breaks in between), we worked together on over 130 publications and never met in all that time. We met in person at the EMA 1997 conference in the April, but didn’t meet again until June 2005. I learnt a lot from David about writing, research and the analyst business (thanks David!).

5. I lived in Zambia for almost 4 years in the mid to late 1970s when my parents were missionaries with The Salvation Army there. My Dad taught at the school on the mission compound.

6. I think libraries are the most unfair place in the entire world! They have all these great resources available, but there just isn’t enough time to read them all. It’s entirely unjust!

7. I make a terrible employee, but I’m perfectly suited for short-term project work. Drucker, Myers-Briggs and some hard experiences helped me realize that.

8. Sampson 8.0 is scheduled for public release in December; there’s currently a closed beta programme under way. One day my lovely wife and I would like to have a big family.

I tag:
Jessica Lipnack
Gavin Knight
John Milan from Team Direction
Rod “2.xero” Drury (love that shirt!)
Katrina Sampson (aka my lovely wife)

(Written and posted from BlackBerry; I’ll update with links later)

0 thoughts on “8 Random Things about Michael

  1. I live in Lake Worth, FL. The Levenger Delray store is about 30 minutes from my house. You used to be able to shop the returns in the outlet and find great deals on pens. I picked up a Parker Duofold Fountain Pen (the pearl one) at one of their sales for $150.
    When they made the decision to stop carrying non-Levenger pens the other pens were on sale at the showroom. I did some serious damage over a two month period.
    Since they moved the catalog operation to TN, they have whittled down the showroom. They still have tons of cool stuff.
    I’m at a conference in NYC in September. I’m looking forward to hitting Fountain Pen Hospital.
    One of the cheapest places I’ve found for mail order pens is not far from you in Malaysia. http://www.pengallery.com The prices are good and the service is good.

  2. I’m thinking just before I check out for the evening I’ll do a little search on… what? I’ve been tagged?
    I’m going to put my subconscious to work immediately on 8 random things.

  3. Congratulations on #8. I have to admire your stamina. With only 2 kids I often feel exhausted :-). Loved the metaphor by the way.

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