Call Recorder for Skype, Wow!

I was speaking with Bruce Elgort a couple of weeks back, and mentioned that I needed a way of recording Skype calls. I had just downloaded and installed Audio Hijack Pro, and he said, “No, don’t use that … try out Call Recorder for Skype instead” (he’s very clever that Bruce; he can speak with hyperlinks!).

I did. Sound quality is AWESOME. Calls are automagically recorded and saved into a designated folder. And the preferences integrate seamlessly into Skype Preferences.

I’ve just changed from being a trial customer to a paid-up one, but then at $12.95, it’s not a stretch decision. This add-on is tremendously helpful in my day-to-day interactions with my Foldera colleagues … because the calls are being recorded, I can pay better attention in the moment, and then refer back later on to exactly what was said and agreed.

It is only available for the Mac, so if you don’t have one, you know what to do.

(Thanks Bruce! You were right; it’s great)

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