Friends Report, Jul 24

I’ve had the privilege of meeting two new people in the last week, either as a result of my work or as a direct consequence thereof.

  • Chris Brogan … lives on the East Coast of the US and writes frequently about self-improvement and creativity on his own site, LifeHack.org and DIY Planner. He’s written some great pieces–this one entitled Time Quilters really helped me–and has much more coming down the pike. In preparation for a phone interview, I read through 3 years of his blog and was struck by how much we had in common. It was great to meet you Chris!
  • Eric Mack … ok, I’ve known Mr Mack for a little longer than a week, but high-fives all round for Eric as he has just completed the final presentation for his degree at The Master’s College. How he has managed to juggle formal education, family life, client projects, getting a new Tablet PC and avoiding buying an Apple Mac for the last four years is beyond comprehension (especially the last one!). Super-congrats Eric!
  • Jon Swanson … commented on one of Chris Brogan posts, I surfed over to see who he was, and now his blog is in my RSS reader. He’s doing neat work as an associate pastor at the First Missionary Church in Fort Wayne. I’m looking forward to reading more of his writings.
  • Marc Orchant … has a link through to a post by Darren Strange on ending death by PowerPoint, and shares some of his own strategies for this too. As I have a couple of important presentations coming up, I’m listening! Marc Orchant

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