Did Eric Buy a Mac?

On May 21, I told the story of how I visited the US for a week without a Mac — that I’d just purchased a new Lenovo X60 Tablet PC with Vista Business and took that instead … and that it worked well. Two days later, Eric took me to task for doing so, saying that I could now get to work, and (I quote) …

Now, you can stop playing around with those cool lifestyle applications (photos, movies and music) and use real business tools (spreadsheets, word processing, presentation software and Lotus Notes) to get things done. 😉

Leaving aside the intentional mis-information in Eric’s assertions, what is most fascinating is that he obviously believes that a Windows machine can not be used for so-called “lifestyle applications” such as photos, movies and music. I would have let this pass, except that just a day later Eric made a blog post about a paperless filing system in Lotus Notes in 5 easy steps. What’s fascinating is that the blog post includes some photos and a movie of Kathy (his long-suffering can-opener deprived wife) using the new system.

Weren’t “photos” and “movies” supposed to be in the realm of Mac-land only, by Eric’s own charge to me? Did Eric buy a Mac? Is that why he’s suddenly writing blog posts again after a long silence?

0 thoughts on “Did Eric Buy a Mac?

  1. I think it’s high time Apple picked up on this on-going thread, and got you & Eric playing Mac ’n’ PC for a new spread of pan-planet GetAMac(k) ads…

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