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Developing on Cloud Time

One of the promises of cloud services is that you always have the latest stuff available. Unfortunately one of the realities of cloud services is that “the latest stuff” can change negatively from what you had when you first signed up, and likewise that “the latest stuff” still […]

Growing Adoption of Office 365

It has been interesting to watch a stream of research reports this year on the growing adoption of Office 365. Clearly there are many organisations actively shifting from on-premises Microsoft solutions to Office 365, either in part or whole, as well as from competing solutions to Office 365. […]

“Most Users are Fairly IT Illiterate”

During the Extending Effective Use section at the Driving Effective Use of Office 365 Workshop in Auckland on Monday, I showed the above picture. It garnered a few sounds of agreement among the delegates at the workshop (including an “I’m going to use that.”). The next slide, however, […]

Partner Add-ins for Outlook

Microsoft announced the release of several add-ins and the signing of new partners for Outlook and, in line with its strategy of making Outlook a more productive and effective place to work and play. Today, we are pleased to announce new partnerships with Evernote, Yelp, IFTTT and […]

Yammer: Better for Teams

The Office Team announced another round of improvements to Yammer. The changes are part of an ongoing effort to make Yammer better for teams – those focused on projects and initiatives – as opposed to more loosely defined groups or communities of interest / practice. The new changes […]