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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016

Whenever I needed a Windows laptop in the early 2000s I always purchased Toshiba. From 2007 my Windows laptop vendor of choice has been Lenovo due to the ThinkPad line, and the strong recommendation towards those that I received from Eric Mack. I’ve liked the build quality and […]

Zolt Charger

Earlier in 2015 I saw the initial advertisement for the Zolt laptop and device charger, which promised to be smaller than the charging block for most laptops, and also give an option for charging two other USB-powered devices at the same time. As a traveler intent on optimal […]

Developing on Cloud Time

One of the promises of cloud services is that you always have the latest stuff available. Unfortunately one of the realities of cloud services is that “the latest stuff” can change negatively from what you had when you first signed up, and likewise that “the latest stuff” still […]