Microsoft Office 365

Review of the Driving Effective Use of Office 365 Workshop (Auckland, August 2015)

Earlier this week I ran the Driving Effective Use of Office 365 Workshop in Auckland. The participants were generally from large organizations in New Zealand already using Office 365 (one had SharePoint on-premises, but was investigating Office 365), and were more towards the beginning of their journey with the new environment. Hence the workshop aligned almost perfectly with their planning activities, although one participant did mention she’d wished the workshop had run six months ago. The focus of the workshop was on helping people get to the point of effective use of appropriate tools in the Office 365 stack, what was required to get to that point, and what to do once there. It was a good day.

Here is a sampling of the feedback from the workshop:
The workshop will help me to go back and identify the gaps in our plans that we need to plug, and will especially help with our Yammer launch. (Change Manager, Retail)
Great session; particularly enjoyed the discussions with the group. (Internal Collaboration Manager, University)
The workshop gave me some tools for planning the effective use of Office 365, not just the “deployment.” (Project Manager, Engineering)
The workshop was a good confirmation of our approach and highlighted areas we can build on or need to pick up. (Internal Communications Manager, Retail)

I left the workshop with many ideas of things to do next. If you are looking at, investigating, or currently have Office 365 and are wondering how to move employees through to effective use, please get in touch about scheduling the workshop in your organization.