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British Gas, Yammer, and Adoption Approach

Simply Communicate details the adoption approach at British Gas for Yammer. British Gas, the largest UK energy and home services company, started to pilot their Yammer-based employee social network (ESN) in October 2013. “Initially, we trialled Yammer with a small group of 500 staff. We wanted to see […]

Misconceptions of SharePoint

Evoke IT, a Microsoft business partner in Scotland, has an infographic on the misconceptions of SharePoint. They even deal with this one: 9. Everyone’s using it so we should too Make sure you’re using it for the right reasons. SharePoint gives you a lot of functionality, but there […]

Blind Navigation – from Microsoft

Tom writes on The Verge about Microsoft’s work to help visually impaired people navigate through cities: “Microsoft blindfolded me and led me around several streets before leaving me on the ledge of a freezing cold canal in London yesterday. Not in the interest of torturing me, or product […]

Office 365 Video

Microsoft announced early availability of Office 365 Video earlier today, ticking off an action point for something promised at the SharePoint Conference in March. In essence you get YouTube for the enterprise, powered by both SharePoint Online and Azure Media Services. Video is one of the most powerful […]