TUMI Case Studies – Cool Insights into Luggage, Packing, and Travel

TUMI has released three videos in a “case studies” series, focused on how people pack for upcoming trips. Each video is less than two minutes, and you get an insight into different approaches to packing. It’s worth a look if you have to travel frequently.

The other two are:
Dror (designer)
Eric Young (co-founder of Gear Patrol)

In terms of the summaries at the end of the videos, here’s my comments about my approach:
– I have a standard checklist for packing. It’s an Excel spreadsheet. I have revised it constantly over the past couple of years of big international trips. I cross things off that I don’t need when planning for my next trip.
– Jerome said he likes packing like-with-like in packing cubes. I tried that, and found it didn’t suit my style. I now pack a day of clothes in each packing cube – shirt, unders, sox, etc. – so I can take that out and have everything I need for that day, without having to rummage my way through five or six different packing cubes. When I get laundry back, I re-pack for future days into the appropriate packing cube.
– I don’t put sox in my shoes to keep them in shape, but I do put a belt in one shoe and a hairbrush in the other to get the same effect.
– Packing cubes are great. They make such a difference. I don’t know how I packed without them.

Thanks TUMI. And keep up the great job on bag/luggage design.

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  1. I use ziploc plastic bags for toiletries and wet things, but I’m not familiar with packing cubes. I’m going to look those up before my next trip.

  2. Alan, packing cubes are fantastic. I used ziploc bags for clothes before I found them, but packing cubes are much easier to use, and more durable too.
    TUMI sells a line of them – http://www.tumi.com/search/index.jsp?keywords=packing+cubes&search-button=Search – but I can’t buy them in New Zealand.
    So I have a variety of Eagle Creek packing cubes, because they are locally available. See http://shop.eaglecreek.com/packing-cubes/l/212
    Enjoy … and let me know how they make a difference to your next trip.