In Praise of Radtech – Covers for Apple Gear

It was my friend Peter Crow some years ago who introduced me to the wonders of the form-fitting covers from Radtech for Apple products. He’d purchased a MacBook Air and somehow scored a grey Radtech cover in the process. What I immediately loved about the idea was that it protected the outside of a laptop, it was very light, and it didn’t add any bulk. I’ve been buying them ever since every time I purchase a new MacBook. When I’m out-and-about, my machine is always in a Radtech cover. When it’s in my bag, it’s in a Radtech cover. On a desk, it’s sitting on a Radtech cover. It’s a great (small) investment in keeping a machine protected from scratches and scrapes. I can’t recommend them highly enough. (My iPad lives in one when it’s in my bag too, and the sleeve is big enough to fit both an iPad and a Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover).

Although Peter didn’t have one, I’ve also become a fan of the Radtech screen protector, that sits between the display and the keyboard when your laptop lid is closed. It’s made from the same material as the outer sleeve, but is thinner and lighter. It doubles as a screen wipe too, to keep your screen clean.

Radtech – if you haven’t discovered them and have great gear to look after, check them out. I haven’t seen the Radtech covers in New Zealand retail outlets, so have always purchased online. Shipping costs are very reasonable, and it takes about two weeks to receive what you’ve ordered.

I have a new machine arriving later this week, and a new outer sleeve and screen protector – both in black – are sitting in my office ready for that moment. Fun times ahead …

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  1. Michael, I was always wondering why people use these covers. The MacBook might scratch, but it won’t break. I actually _like_ the patina that beloved tools collect over their lifetime. And I prefer Aluminium to plastic when I touch them.

  2. You’re allowed to be different Volker!
    I know the MB won’t break, but it’s such a core part of my work, that I want to do my part to keep it running well. The cover isn’t plastic though – it’s a cloth. I very much dislike the hard plastic shells that you can get.