Windows 8 – "a tax on your brain"

Tim, a game developer, tried out Windows 8 on his main PC and hated the experience. He explains why in a long post that drew many comments:

As a cruel trick on myself, about a month ago I installed Windows 8 on my main PC to see what it was like.

The answer is: abysmal.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Windows 8 is the worst computing experience I’ve ever had. As a desktop operating system, it’s annoying, frustrating, irritating, and baffling to use. I’ve tried on many occasions to explain exactly why it’s so awful to use day-to-day, and most of the time, smoke starts pouring out of my ears. I thought it would be better to get down exactly what the issues are and why you should avoid it.
What it comes down to is this: Windows 8 is a tax on your brain. That dealing with it, day in, day out adds to your world being slightly worse in a dozen different but slightly irritating ways.

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Windows 8 is due to ship in late October 2012. It will be interesting to see how this plays out … will it be a re-ignite for Microsoft like Windows 95 was, or another Vista fiasco?

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