Must have add-on Mac apps

My new iMac is behaving well, and I am enjoying using it. With 2GB of RAM and the 2 GHz processor, this baby flies! Here are the add-on applications I have installed during the last week:

  • For text editing, SubEthaEdit from Coding Monkeys
  • For reading RSS feeds, NetNewsWire from NewsGator
  • For voice-over-IP, Skype
  • For opening compressed files, such as “.sit”, StuffIt Expander 10.0 from Smith Micro Software
  • For reading Word documents that other people send me, Microsoft Office 2004 for the Mac, from you know who
  • For beautiful icons to personalize the look-n-feel, all the good stuff from pixelpressicons.com. The one above comes from the collection.

What do you find essential for your Mac experience?

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