Eric Graduates from Master's College! Woo Hoo!

That most amazing technologist, eProductivity guru, and all-round-good-guy Eric Mack decided some years ago to go back to school and get a degree. He had joined the workforce at a young age, being able to offer tremendous value without a University training (I, on the other hand, spent 5 years at University before starting work). Eric has devoted Monday evenings for the last 3 or so years to attending The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management. Obviously he has also had a stack of course work to fit in around the demands of being a great husband to Kathy and an awesome Dad to his four daughters, serving his clients with diligence, and trying out new toys (think, Tablet PCs and widescreen monitors).

All of his hard work is about to be formally recognized: he gets to dress up in an academic gown and graduate on Friday. Due to the imminent arrival of another child in my house, I can’t make the trip up to cheer him on. So, in it’s place, is this blog post.

Way to go Eric! So sorry that I can’t be with you on Friday to celebrate with you and your family. Thanks for the formal invite to come, but as I said to Kathy, it isn’t going to work. We pray for you every blessing at your graduation and beyond, and that God will enable you to leverage the skills and new knowledge you have learnt to be a tremendous blessing to your current and future clients, friends, and family. Grace to you and yours. One for all …

P.S. See, I can write a post about you without telling you to

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