TypePad Has Been Down All Day; Poor Communication Throughout

I had a post all ready to publish at 11.50am PDT this morning, but TypePad was down for some undisclosed reason. The SixApart Status blog has been feeding updates throughout the day, but they haven’t been accurate, timely, or true to their word. Here’s the screen shots I took throughout the day as I became more and more annoyed at the lack of my TypePad account.

Screenshot at 4.00pm PDT. Mmm. An update is way overdue.

Screenshot at 4.24pm PDT. Expected time to resolution has been removed, but at least we have an update.

Screenshot at 5.29pm PDT. Another update just posted. Time for next update due for 6pm.

Mmm, No update by 6.21pm PDT. 21 minutes overdue.

Mmm x2, still no update by 7.07pm PDT. 67 minutes overdue.

TypePad is generally very reliable, very prompt, and a very neat service. But when there is an outage, communication about restoration and recovery is still poor. I’m disappointed.

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