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The Coolest Doctoral Degree for GTDers?

I have had a particularly sore lower and upper back for a few weeks, and so finally went to an osteopath on Monday. It turns out that a decade of carrying small children on my left side led to a twisted pevis and crooked back. Anyhoo, I’m all straightened out now.

But … the degree that the osteopath had was pretty cool … highly appropriate for GTDers: Doctor of Osteopathy, which when contracted at the end of one’s name becomes “D.O.”

Imagine that … a constant reminder every time you saw your business card: there’s my name, and (a) what’s the “D.O” (desired outcome), and (b) what do I need to “D.O” now (next action).

I doubt few people will rush out to spend five years becoming a “D.O.” just for that buzz … but it caught my imagination.

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