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More Feedback on User Adoption Strategies

While Mike retains the title for the only blog review of User Adoption Strategies that I’ve seen, there has been a few comments on Twitter and via email. Here’s what I’ve got: Maish wrote, Finished reading @collabguy ‘s book on user adoption strategies. Very nice and easy read. […]

Reminder: Please Take the Governance Themes Survey on Site Closure Policy – What Do You Do with SharePoint Sites when the Project Has Finished?

Last week, published an article called SharePoint causing info management problems, says analyst. The analyst wasn’t me (I’ve said it already, it’s in my book), but the article starts: “Firms are losing business-critical information contained in Microsoft SharePoint sites, according to research firm Ovum’s research director Tim […]

The First 30 Ready to Go …

I picked up the first box of my new book last night … and spent an hour or so this morning packaging up some of the pre-orders. Half have gone out in the mail collection this morning, and the other half require a trip to the Post Office […]