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Collaboration Roadmap now 2010

I’ve been working on my third book, Collaboration Roadmap, for a while now. I was initially targeting a publication date of October 2009, but over the weekend have decided to push that back to some time in 2010. I’m not happy with the current status of the manuscript […]

Lynn Warneke on SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration

Lynn Warneke shares her reaction to my book, SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: “Those of us working in the change management slipstream behind large scale technology implementations understand that ‘doing SharePoint’ is not, in itself, all that likely to result in successful outcomes. As compared with setting out to […]

Feedback on SharePoint Roadmap: Lynn Warneke

Lynn Warneke from Australia has just posted her review of SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration, Michael Sampson’s latest publication, offers clear and succinct advice to ensure you avoid these all-too-common pitfalls and deliver a SharePoint implementation that is a real success, in real business terms. […]

Feedback on SharePoint Roadmap: Jed Cawthorne

Jed Cawthorne from Canada has just posted his review of SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: “Yesterday I received my copy of ‘SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: Using SharePoint to Enhance Business Collaboration’ from the author Michael Sampson, all the way on the other side of the planet in New Zealand. […]