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Thomas Duff on User Adoption Strategies, "incredibly useful and valuable"

Thomas Duff, who goes by the name Duffbert, wrote a review of my new book, User Adoption Strategies, for the Lotus User Group developer’s tips newsletter this month:

Although most of us work on the technology end of collaborative software, we almost always get involved in the discussions surrounding the age-old question… Why Aren’t People Using ? The easy knee-jerk answer (and one I’ve used a number of times myself) is that it’s not the technology, it’s the culture. While true at a certain level, there’s so much more behind getting people to adopt collaborative software so that it delivers on the promises that were made. Michael Sampson, a well-known expert on the topic of collaboration, dives deeply into what makes for successful user adoption in his book “User Adoption Strategies: Shifting Second Wave People to New Collaboration Technology”. This should be one of the first books that is read and studied before launching your SharePoint/Connections/etc. rollout. And since the book is vendor-agnostic, it really doesn’t matter what platform you’re rolling out. These problems are common to all of them.

You can read Thomas’s complete review at Lotus User Group – Dev Tips August 2010.

Duffbert is prolific reader and reviewer of books. Check out his blog at duffert.com.

Thanks Duffbert! Much appreciated! Looking forward to reviewing YOUR upcoming book šŸ™‚

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