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More Feedback on User Adoption Strategies

While Mike retains the title for the only blog review of User Adoption Strategies that I’ve seen, there has been a few comments on Twitter and via email.

Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Maish wrote, Finished reading @collabguy ‘s book on user adoption strategies. Very nice and easy read. Drives the point across about having a strategy!
  • SharePointLee says, Reading @collabguy new book! Great information for #SharePoint pros struggling with adoption issues!
  • Modery said, just had a “why didn’t I think about that before” moment while reading @collabguy ‘s “User Adoption Strategies” book!
  • Lynn (by email) wrote, I love the way you incorporate models with practical experience based guidance.

So, all good. But what’s really cool for me, as the author, is the number of people who have said my books are getting better! That’s always a key metric … are my books improving, or degrading. Here’s what two people said in the past 24 hours:

  • Tom (by email) said, Thanks so much for the book… it is your best yet.
  • Rene (by email) wrote, I just finished reading User Adoption Strategies on Thursday (finally! Planned to finish it a lot earlier), and I must say that I think that this is your best book so far.

This is on the heels of comment a month ago, from (another) Lynn: I haven’t finished it yet, but I’ve read a couple of chapters already and more-than-skimmed it from cover to cover and I think it’s your best yet.

All of that makes my day … thanks to everyone who has written in their feedback. And of course, if you want your copy, see www.useradoptionstrategies.com.

Any feedback I’ve missed or not acknowledged? Please let me know … thanks much.

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