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First Review of User Adoption Strategies … By Mike at WaveAdept

Many thanks to Mike Riversdale for the first review of my new book, User Adoption Strategies, that I’ve seen on the Web.

Mike writes:

We were lucky enough to get a copy at the recent SharePoint Conference held in Wellington whilst listening to our very own Dave explain what the “cloud is”. I spent the weekend reading it and straight off the bat, WE RECOMMEND IT.

Michael has written a compact (on purpose, as he recognises tomes are hardly ever read) yet usable book that not only outlines the theories of change and the challenges to collaboration within organisations but details strategies that you can use to increase the user adoption of your “second wavers” when bringing in collaboration tools – to be honest it can be used for any newly introduced tool be it software of any sort or even a new process.

Read Mike’s entire review: Collaboration In a Book.

(Thanks again Mike!)

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