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Martin White on User Adoption Strategies, "deserves a seriously deep read"

Martin White from Intranet Focus has just published his review of my new book, User Adoption Strategies.

Martin says:

This is a book that deserves a seriously deep read. My recommendation is to read right through it quickly, to get the structure in your mind, then grab a highlighter and work through it line by line, and insight by insight. A good book for a long journey. Although this book is ostensibly about user adoption in the context of collaboration the basic principles can, and should, be extended to any technology-based application which requires a significant leap of faith to see the benefits and opportunities rather than the challenges and threats. Incidentally Michael not only writes his books but self-publishes them to a very high standard.

Read Martin’s review: User Adoption Strategies – a new book from Michael Sampson

(Thanks for the review Martin … and thanks (publicly; it’s already in the book) for your review comments during the process of writing. Very much appreciated.)

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