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Attention Grabbers, Apr 19

On Writing and Speaking

  • 4 Tips to Successful Notetaking … Four tips from an April 2005 post … (1) use a journal-formatted notebook, (2) keeping your meeting notes as a running journal, (3) use symbols so you can quickly scan your notes later, and (4) schedule time to review your notes. Michael Hyatt
  • Three Ways of Preparing a Speech … (1) write it out and then read it; (2) talk to slides; and (3) walk around in your office making it up, and have someone write it down or capture it on an audio device and then use that as notes for the actual thing. Jon Udell
  • Overcoming Writers Block … 10 or more strategies for overcoming writers block, including “talk to a monkey”, “take a shower and change clothes” (make a clean start), and “stretch”. Over 82 comments, wow. 43Folders

On Productivity

  • Implementation beats Ideas … Ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s the implementation of those ideas — done now and fast — that deliver value. “I have seen more failures caused by inaction than caused by having ideas stolen”. Jim Estill. And Paul says, “worry most about how to make something people want”. Paul Graham

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