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On Productivity

  • Lars on Google Ads Inside … Lars offers an interesting idea re Google ads: how about contextual ads within the corporate intranet. These “ads” could show links to relevant knowledge and services available within the organization. The resulting serendipity would play very nicely with my ideas in the Shared Spaces Pillar 7: Broaden the Network through Automatic Discovery Services. Good thinking Lars. mind this
  • Look for the Underlying Reasoning … Steve writes about his recent journey to think more deeply, be more engaged, and to look for the big picture / the strategic whole. One key thought: look to the big thinkers. “It’s imperative to understand the whole; how all of this is interconnected and influencing each other; and holistic thinking *must* be a part of your life, career and strategic thinking. It’s even imperative it become part of ideation or creation sessions you have with others.” </i Steve Borsch, Connecting the Dots
  • Do something scary … Kathy says we should “push ourselves” in directions we haven’t gone in before. It’s not excuse to say that we “can’t” or “haven’t” done something before; the only way to get better is to try, to keep trying, and to keep-on-keeping-on trying. I’m working on something right now that fits in perfectly with this thinking, and I’ll tell you about it next month. Creating Passionate Users
  • Effective Email Management … Communication is so vital to who we and what we do, that we need to be effective in what we do. And that includes email. Some of Richard’s suggestions: (1) define specific times to check your email … don’t do it constantly and thus break flow / concentration / focus; (2) disable automatic email downloading and alerts (because it will intrude on your focus); (3) embrace the Getting Things Done approach; (4) use rules/filters to auto-sort; and (5) know when email is the most appropriate thing to use for communication. Good ideas. Richard Kuo (Part 1) and Part 2

On Businesss

  • Jim on the “Bad Competitor” … Interesting framing of what many of us bloggers are being: “bad competitors”. We offer advice, counsel and expertise via our blogs and are not first-and-foremost interested in a financial return for it. Or at least, we provide a better service than some of the incumbent information providers at a lower profit margin. As my work colleague Oliver says about his blog, MobileCrunch, he does it out of interest / passion / pleasure. The Future of Work Weblog
  • Origami in the Enterprise … Michael thinks about the place of the new Origami devices in the enterprise. IT can’t ignore these. How about this for a use case: “… for other users, it might make sense to skip buying a high-end laptop and instead opt for a more powerful desktop as well as an Origami for managing e-mail and accessing Office documents on the road.” ComputerWorld

On Other Stuff

  • I love this picture … Patti has given it the name “dream home”. I’d go for the upstairs office with the view to the far off mountains, with that space down below for the children to play. Very cool. 37 Days
  • Dream_home

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