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Daily Report for May 29, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • Email in the Workplace … James argues that dealing with information overload requires a response from across the organization, not just an isolated person her and there. Check out his 3 page PDF on living more productively with email. ChiefTech. Key ideas in the PDF:
    • … an organizational response to email should both (a) change how individuals use and manage their inboxes, and (b) address the business processes or structures that contribute to overload (p.1)
    • … more effective alternative communication channels, an information sharing culture, and training on the effective use of communication technologies are ways to resolve email overload (p.2)
    • … the problem with cc:ing your manager on too many messages is that it makes it difficult for them to identify and prioritize the important things that only they can do (p.2)

  • Documentum and SharePoint … Gayle spoke with Lance Shaw from EMC about the new EMC products for linking the Documentum content management system with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. “EMC has created two products, which, used together, provide a total document management and archival solution: Archive Services for SharePoint and Content Services for SharePoint. Archive Services lets individuals use SharePoint as they normally would, but at some point the process or project is complete and data can be archived. Archive Services lets you move content to a designated Documentum repository to free up resources on your SharePoint server. The other half of the duo, Content Services, lets you browse, search, find, and take action on documents (depending on access controls), without having to leave SharePoint.Windows IT Pro


  • BlackBerry and Symbian to Lose to Microsoft … BRC in London, a consulting firm, published a report that argues that organizations that want to deliver business applications to users on mobile devices will switch to Microsoft Windows Mobile and away from BlackBerry and Symbian devices. “As enterprise mobile computing evolves to combine more personal computer capabilities on mobile handsets, a critical factor will be the number of tools available for extending corporate applications to mobiles. Comprehensive packages are already available for using Windows Mobile to access Lotus, various SAP offerings, Oracle CRM and (unsurprisingly) Microsoft Office. This will encourage large corporations to go Microsoft for mobile. Conversely the proprietary nature of Blackberry’s operating system will inhibit third party developers, as will Symbian’s software development kits which are device dependent, fragmenting application markets. Since new applications cannot readily run on Symbian devices developers will be more attracted to Windows Mobile.” A single user license for the report is GBP795. SourceWire

Other Stuff

  • Eric Needs One of These … for his regular PC “adventures” 😉 ThinkGeek

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