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Daily Report for May 31, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • Livescribe Mobile Computing … Livescribe announced a paper-based computing platform, whereby users write with a special pen on specially-printed paper and where the audio content in the environment is captured and cued to the place on the paper where notes were taken. “The possibilities for paper-based applications are endless. Livescribe’s first key application is “Paper Replay.” When taking notes during a discussion or lecture, the smartpen records the conversation and digitizes the handwriting, automatically synching the ink and audio. By later tapping the ink, the smartpen replays the conversation from the exact moment the note was written. Notes and audio can also be uploaded to a PC where they can be replayed, saved, searched and sent. Very cool for taking meeting notes! Additional applications will be forthcoming. Available 4Q2007. Livescribe, see also NY Times
  • Rozmic Messenger … Rozmic Wireless released Rozmic Messenger, a secure instant messaging service for desktop, laptop and handheld devices. “In addition to secure communications Rozmic Messenger allows users to see who is online, and exchange messages with them. Files can be transferred more quickly and securely than via email and the system operates from any PC, laptop, hand-held device and some mobile phones. Rozmic Firewall protects IM from malware, hackers and viruses.” Available immediately. ThomasNet


  • Palm Foleo … Palm announced the Foleo, a “companion” device for a smartphone that gives a bigger screen and a full-sized keyboard for out-and-about work. “With its 10-inch screen and full-size keyboard, the Palm Foleo mobile companion connects wirelessly with your smartphone to help you do more on the go. Unfold it, press a button, and it’s on instantly—while just one touch brings your email to the big screen.1 Use your Foleo to view attachments, type longer emails, or to get a bigger look at web pages and photos you’d normally view on your smartphone. And with up to five hours of battery life packed into such a compact design, you’ll do big things wherever you go.” Available later in 2007. Palm, see coverage at ConnectITNews and ComputerWorld


  • Be On Time … Cultivate the habit of being on time … for meetings, for appointments, and with deadlines. “People are much more irritated by lateness than we ever know; it can dampen everything from promotions and raises to friendships. Late people crowd us, physically and mentally, all the time. We all hate the fact that their lateness undoes our schedule and disrupts our day. Showing up late for work or sending something in late, no matter how well done, still means a black mark against you.Laura Stack

Other Stuff

  • PersonalBrain 4.0 Webinar … TheBrain is offering a free preview of its PersonalBrain 4.0 visualization and information organizer software on June 5. Registration is required. TheBrain

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