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Daily Report for June 1, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • Google Gears … Google released Google Gears, for taking online applications offline. It works with IE, Firefox and Safari, with Opera support coming. Available immediately to developers, as open source. ZDNet, TechTree. David is pleased as he can now catch up with his RSS feeds when on the plane.
  • Whodoes … GotThingsDone released whodoes, a Web-based project and team coordination service. Key features: project planning, team communication tools, roles and permissions, and time tracking, among others. Available immediately. whodoes
  • Sun Portal Server 7.1 … Sun recently released Version 7.1 of its Java-based Portal Server, with new features to support the establishment of collaborative communities and the sharing of information within an enterprise. It includes collaboration portlets for file sharing, Wiki, surveys, polls, threaded discussions, RSS/Blog, events, and tasks. Available immediatley. Sun Microsystems


  • BlackBerry IM … RIM outlines how to get instant messaging working on your BlackBerry. BlackBerry Connection
  • BeeJive JiveTalk 1.0 … BeeJive released Version 1.0 of JiveTalk Mobile Messenger, a multi-headed instant messaging client for BlackBerry devices. “JiveTalk Mobile Messenger comes with intuitive and unified user-interface for all IM accounts. The messenger is capable of handling adverse network conditions and automatically reconnects in case of coverage disruption. It works through the users’ existing data plans, not SMS, so there are no additional per message charges.” Available immediately. tmcnet


  • Time Wasted? … The New York Times investigates the idea that although we may be spending more and more hours in the office, we’re only getting a small number of focused hours of work done. “Over the years I have come to see that the hours away from the writing are the time when the real work gets done. When a paragraph turns itself this way and that in a corner of my brain even while my fingers are buying books on What appears to be wasted time is really jell time. This redefinition only makes me feel a little less guilty.” So … next time you think someone is “wasting time”, look at what they’re actually producing. My take: you can’t be 100% on 100% of the time. The New York Times
  • 5 Goal Setting Hazards … Five hazards that will disrail goal setting: perfectionism, impatience, thinking in the future, outcome orientation, and excess planning. All of these are good … to a point … and then they become harmful when done to excess. ProductivityGoal

Other Stuff

  • Lenovo X61 Tablet … Lenovo released the X61 Tablet, an upgrade to its X60 Tablet. The top model offers a Core 2 Duo processor. Lenovo

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