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Decrease Interruptions, Increase Productivity

Dan Kennedy shares five tips on about decreasing interruptions and increasing productivity: 1. Get lost. Don’t be so accessible. Go away, close your door, etc. 2. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t be “wide open to inbound calls.” Best approach – use a receptionist or secretary, or otherwise […]

Collaboration on the Intranet

In late September 2013 I presented a keynote speech at the Interaction 2013 conference in London. I talked about why the intranet needs to support collaborative activities, outlined some core concepts (culture, governance, adoption), and then talked about the journey ahead.

Ive and Federighi on Collaboration at Apple

In the September 23-29, 2013 print edition of BusinessWeek, Sam Grobart writes about Apple in an article entitled “One Direction.” There were a couple of paragraphs on collaboration that jumped out to me: While the partnership between the two men was made official last fall, Ive and Federighi—whoso […]

Working from Home

Christina at Inc. writes about three fallacies about working from home, and points to a soon-to-be-released book by the founders of 37signals on the benefits of remote working. “The authors’ viewpoints are certainly biased–37signals’ products are well-suited for remote workers who need to work on projects with others […]

The car manufacturer that sells highly desirable vehicles that most people will never own, has a highly undesirable email culture that most organizations would prefer not to own (Telegraph, Stuff). Ferrari is attempting to do something about it, and all kudos to them for attacking the problem. I […]

If You Aren't Taking Notes, You Aren't Learning

Ben Casnocha recently wrote about the learning benefits that come from taking notes, starting with an observation about a large event in Silicon Valley: “Recently, Mark Zuckerberg addressed a large auditorium of young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. He shared lessons from his journey and his perspective on the […]