Category: Culture & Competency

Rethinking Focus

My understanding of “focus” has changed during the past eight months as I have been writing the new book, and I wanted to get some thoughts down about this. I guess the best way to begin is to say that I now see focus as something much more […]

Avoiding Accidental Expertise Discovery

There are some really sad stories of how people have accidentally stumbled across expertise that was sorely needed. While the stories make for funny reading, they are sad in the sense that these types of accidents just shouldn’t happen. Organizations should have better ways of sensing who is […]

Alan on Social Business in 2013

Alan shares his view on what will happen with the social business space in 2013, with the main theme being “less talking, more doing.” “My thoughts about 2013 are based on the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with social business product vendors and customers over the last twelve […]

On Working Transparently

Jessica contemplates the idea that greater transparency in the organization will result in rudderlessness: “Managers may worry that employees won’t know where to focus with information about so many initiatives washing over them. Command and control ensures coordinated action on limited priorities. Without strong, top-down signals about what […]

Forget Facebook in the Enterprise

Angela argues that the reference to “Facebook in the enterprise” sends the wrong signal to senior executives, and suggests a better business orientation: “As much as Facebook has been a fantastic trailblazer for social technologies, and is an easy way to demonstrate what is meant by “social” software, […]