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Take a Day Per Month to Think Long Term

Roman Stanek, CEO of GoodData, recommends that CEOs should take one day a month to think about the long term:

‘I believe (and I don’t do enough of it) that a CEO should spend at least a day, if not two days, a month outside of the office on a bike or something,’ Stanek, who is also the founder of the data analytics company, told Business Insider. ‘The day has too much focus on the technical stuff.’

‘I get to the office at like 7, and I have a full day of calls,’ he continues. ‘The stuff that suffers is the strategic thinking. Where is the industry going, where is the company going, what should we do differently, what should we do better. That you can only do when you get on a bike, when you actually have no cell phone coverage. (It’s) good practice for CEOs to be in a bit of isolation.’

What’s good for CEOs is also good for non-CEOs. Do you have this practice in your calendar for 2014?

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