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Fully Distributed Team + Face-to-Face Communication

Andrew shares the thinking and practices of’s fully distributed team, looking at the history underlying his way of managing the firm, the role of face-to-face communication, and how to work day-to-day in a distributed environment. It’s a good case study, conveying some great ideas. Here’s the piece […]

Do People in Virtual Teams Need Face Time?

Yesterday I presented a condensed version of the driving effective use workshop, albeit without a specific Office 365 focus. The “masterclass” was presented online to 10-12 people in Australia. After setting the scene (“What Does Effective Use Look Like?”), one of the questions from a delegate in the […]

Where’s the Collaboration?

During a phone call in late January, Fred (not his real name) asked: I’m working in Office 365 and SharePoint and sharing a lot of knowledge and content. But it’s all knowledge management. Where’s the collaboration? I have a couple of answers, albeit without having the opportunity to […]

On Learning Something New

Derek offers his experiences and advice on learning JavaScript. If you don’t want to learn JavaScript though, there are some excellent principles of deep learning in his post: Build a real foundation and solid understanding. Don’t start with “little bits.” Go with multiple learning pathways at the same […]

On the Priority of Team Work

Nicholas Bate wrote “the priority of team work is not fun” (#10 in the list). I wrote to him and asked for clarification: Did you mean “team work is a priority, and it’s hard work to get it right,” or “the priority of team work is not to […]

Collaboration vs. Cooperation

On Quora someone asked about the difference between collaboration and cooperation. Danny was first to answer with: Collaboration is “working together toward a shared goal”. I don’t know the formal definition of cooperation but guess it means “working together”. People do not require a shared goal to cooperate. […]