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Collaborative Working vs. Clarity

Among the many comments to a recent article on IBM’s re-organization is this sigh-worthy one. The author apparently doesn’t work for IBM: I work for a large complex business. Originally run on country lines, the board sucked on the consultant’s Kool-aid, and we adopted a chaotic matrix structure. […]

Open Plan Offices Close the Brain

In his summary post on personal effectiveness in 2013, David Rock comments on how open plan offices close the brain: “Open plan offices are all the rage. In 2013, researchers confirmed something obvious to most people who work in one: it can be hard to get things done. […]

CrossFit for Business

Nicholas proposes applying the ideas of CrossFit to business: Cross-fit is a high intensity interval training methodology and is brilliant for those who want to get really, really fit. It also has a strong following amongst specialist athletes. Traditionally a runner would get excellent at their craft by […]