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Poor Collaboration – Breakdowns, Ideals, and Culture

Rypple recently published an infographic on collaboration, called Is Poor Collaboration Killing Your Company. It has three sections: the biggest collaboration breakdowns, how employees want to collaborate, and how to create a strong collaborative culture. Biggest breakdowns (based on research with 1,400 people): – 97% – a lack […]

Becoming Collaborative

“Groupware …. will not mysteriously transform organizations from collections of highly competitive loners to well integrated, cooperative groups of collaborators. Without careful planning for its introduction and the changes that this will entail, the impact of groupware will likely be quite limited.“ Replace “groupware” with “collaboration technology” or […]

The Power of Turning Up

On The Smarter Office blog, I posted about The Power of Turning Up: “In a recent client engagement I have been reminded again of the importance of turning up in person when you are exploring possibilities for how people work together through new collaboration technology. A phone conversation […]