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Belonging to an Open Network

Writing on Medium, Michael explores the power of an open network as a contributor to career success, and uses it to analyse what made Steve Jobs so successful. Of course, we can equally apply the core idea to our individual, group, and organisational work too (please click through […]

Shared Group Discourse Impacts on Productivity

The ability for people doing similar tasks to talk together helps with both productivity and retention. A recent analysis at Bank of America demonstrated this dynamic for call centre agents, reinforcing the productivity-driving benefits of strong ties: Humanyze’s smart work badges contain microphones and and precision positioning technology. […]

Broaden Your Network – Fog Creek’s Approach

On slide 29 of my presentation on Cultivating Collaborative Behaviour, one of the ideas is to participate in “30 minute randomly assigned video chats.” One company that is actively encouraging this approach between its employees is Fog Creek: One initiative we’re trying at the moment is CoffeeTime. CoffeeTime […]

Cultivating Collaborative Behaviour

I gave the presentation above a couple of weeks back to a small group of wonderful people, and have finally had the time today to share it here. The presentation looks at the fundamental human practices of collaboration, and gives a series of strategies and approaches for individuals, […]

“The Ability to Work Collaboratively”

In a recent BusinessWeek article on Recruiting Preferred Skills (print edition, April 13-19, 2015), I was initially surprised and then delighted to see the prominence placed on the “ability to work collaboratively.” It was very cool to see the reality of collaborative capability being emphasised by corporate recruiters. […]

Social Factors in Collaboration

This presentation explores social factors in collaboration, particularly how the way people behave impacts on adoption of new ways of working together. The presentation has three main sections: Approaches to improving adoption (slides 4-18) … a brief review of adoption fundamentals, such as adoption happens in an organizational […]