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Social Factors in Collaboration – a presentation

Earlier this year I gave this presentation at a conference in Australia.

The presentation explores social factors in collaboration, particularly how the way people behave impacts on adoption of new ways of working together. The presentation has three main sections:

  1. Approaches to improving adoption (slides 4-18) … a brief review of adoption fundamentals, such as adoption happens in an organizational / IT context, it’s a process not an event, and there are cultural and behavioural aspects to adoption.
  2. Understand collaboration behaviours (slides 19-39) … a look at some of the things people care about, and how that impacts their willingness to share and collaborate. What people care about creates different styles of sharing, and thus ways of collaborating. This is culture in action.
  3. Improving ways of working together (slides 40-47) … four ways to improve new ways of working together.

With respect to the question on Slide 24, what makes a “good year” for you? How does that impact what you share about?

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