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Work Effectiveness and Productivity Report, Jul 6

I am a ResultsManager
Gyronix, the wonderful company behind the ResultsManager add-in for Mindjet MindManager, launched the “I am a ResultsManager” campaign, focused on helping their users become breakout stars within their companies.

Professional and personal users of ResultsManager have one thing in common; they’re implementation heroes. When departments and teams aren’t running as well as they should, ResultsManager provides a cultural solution that improves everything it touches.

They are offering a number of “Mastery Bundle” training modules to help people become excellent ResultsManagers.

See also one person’s experience in using ResultsManager for 28+ days.

Source: Gyronix

Minimize Distractions
A member of David Allen’s public forums recently posted about a change in how he sets up and chooses tools to use: “non-distracting” is the catchword.

I’ve set my browser to stop displaying the bookmarks bar. I’ve removed the disk icon from the desktop. I’ve replaced the desktop image with a solid grey-green background. I’ve removed all but the most used program icons from sight. If I have to write, I use WriteRoom to force myself into a Full Screen mode. I frequently turn off my computer entirely and work on paper. I bought a radio with clean analog controls.

…. As I have become more active in my career and as my time has become correspondingly more in precious, I’ve begun to value every uninterrupted minute of my time more than ever before, and I have been removing anything from my life that distracts me from activities that are important to me. I now don’t want my tools to display anything more than they must display to be completely useful. If possible, I don’t even want my tools to do anything more than I need them to do so that I don’t waste time by playing with the extra features.

The fact too is that I find that the changes have been effective and that I am far less easily distracted than I used to be when I sit down to work.

This mirrors a lot of my thinking and current attempts to minimize distraction. I have a long way to go, however.

Source: David Allen’s Public Forums

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