You've Got to Listen to David's Business Masterclass Podcast Series, Jan 26

True Professionalism by David Maister was one of the first books I purchased when going solo in the mid-1990s. And whenever I’ve felt in a dark place professionally, it has been an enduring source of insight. I highly recommend it.

Anyhow, I’ve been recently listening to David’s Business Masterclass podcast series based on his work, particularly The Trusted Advisor book of which he is one of three co-authors. You’ve just got to make time to listen to these podcasts … there’s so much practical insight and deep wisdom for being a professional … you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t.

Are you a CEO or Senior Partner who wants to stay in touch with current business thinking? A junior professional who wants to fast-track your career? A success-driven manager who wants to be more effective in your professional life and business practice?

Leading business author, global consultant and former Harvard Business School professor David Maister presents career-spanning insights on managing, strategy, client relations and careers in this series of advanced seminars on professional business principles.

My favorites so far are #7. It’s About Time, #8. Cultivate the Habits of Friendship and #9. Earning Trust, but hey, they are all absolutely essential listening.

Thanks David for such an insightful and helpful series. I really value what you’ve done here.

0 thoughts on “You've Got to Listen to David's Business Masterclass Podcast Series, Jan 26

  1. I’ve listened to three or four since I found your reference to Mr Maister – thought provoking stuff, particularly the podcast on managing your own boss.

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