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Set Expectations for Communication with a Remotely-Located Boss

A couple of months ago, Sue at The Wall Street Journal wrote about the challenge of managing a long-distance relationship with your boss. Her opening statement:

It’s the toughest long-distance relationship: employee and boss. More of us than ever are working from home or other remote locations, and there are more ways to communicate. So why do we still feel so anxious that we’re out of touch?

She references some of the experts in the field of virtual teams and remote communication for strategies to improve the situation, including:
– use instant messaging when a quick answer is required, not email.
– set ground rules and expectations about how and when to communicate (Nancy Settle-Murphy, from Guided Insights).
– being clear about decision rights.
– schedule a one-on-one catchup every week with your boss.
– … and more.

There’s some valid and valuable ideas in this article.

See: The Challenge of Managing a Long-Distance Relationship With Your Boss

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