Poor Collaboration – Breakdowns, Ideals, and Culture

Rypple recently published an infographic on collaboration, called Is Poor Collaboration Killing Your Company. It has three sections: the biggest collaboration breakdowns, how employees want to collaborate, and how to create a strong collaborative culture.

Biggest breakdowns (based on research with 1,400 people):
– 97% – a lack of alignment on objectives
– 92% – deadlines impact bottom-line results
– 86% – lack of collaboration or ineffective communication

How employees want collaboration to work:
– wider decision making involvement
– issues are truthfully and effectively discussed

Creating a strong collaborative culture:
– 1. encourage people to share ideas
– 2. build brainstorming into each project
– 3. log important communications
– 4. limit group sizes
– 5. resist the urge to direct

See the infographic at Is Poor Collaboration Killing Your Company

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