Notes on "Security in the Enterprise 2.0 Environment" – Philip Whitmore (KPMG)

Philip from KPMG is talking about security in the enterprise 2.0 environment. Philip sees security as an enabler, eg., brakes on cars aren’t so that we can stop, but that we can go fast. He told us to think about security in that way.

Key points:
– Enterprise 2.0 – see the Andrew McAfee definition.
– There is high and growing use of social media tools.
– This has lead to new ways of distributing security threats, and virus vulnerabilities.
– Being hacked can damage our brand position / value.
– Philip shared various statistics and research findings about firms that have experienced security problems.
– But – the point isn’t to not do any of this, but to ascertain the risks and plan the appropriate mitigation.
– Some of the risks – data leakage, consumer technologies (designed to be fun and easy, not secure), information integrity, web technologies (most have poor security architecture, eg., not validating input properly), and malware.
– Key message – don’t disallow it, but be proactive in analyzing the risks involved.

One thought on “Notes on "Security in the Enterprise 2.0 Environment" – Philip Whitmore (KPMG)

  1. I like the idea of security as an enabler: make sure your brakes work, so you can go fast.
    Security-related fears often affect the decisions our clients make. We can harness this fear so they can put into place what they need to go as fast as they want.
    Alexis Rodrigo
    Noodle Intranet Software

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