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What’s the Benefit of That To Me?

On LinkedIn: As an advocate for organisations to embrace new digital tools to enable a re-imagining of work, much of my focus over the past decade has been on showing the benefits of taking that path. [SNIP] I was thinking about this whole issue again a few days […]

Half-a-Call More Per Hour

A study of call centre workers by the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health found that workers with standing desks made about one half additional successful call per hour in comparison to co-workers who sat while working. The workers with standing desks alternated between standing […]

How Do I Use OneDrive for Business?

At a recent meeting in Christchurch one of the participants grumped about his experiences with moving to Office 365, and in particular OneDrive for Business. He was the owner of a small business, and he had moved all of his files into OneDrive for Business (which if I […]