Becoming an Adoption Superhero – My Session at Ignite 2016


At the time of writing, Microsoft Ignite New Zealand starts in 21 days, 21 hours, 48 minutes, and 55 seconds. This will be the first time I have participated in this conference in New Zealand, and I’ll be there for the opening – and early I hope too.

The session I will be presenting now has a date and time – Wednesday October 26 at 9.00am. Here’s what I’ll be presenting:

Transitioning to Office 365: Becoming the Adoption Superhero for Your Firm
As your firm transitions IT capabilities to Office 365, the new critical skillset is how to translate the opportunities for value presented by Office 365 into new ingrained ways of working for executives, managers, and employees that deliver on that value. Getting to value requires creating the conditions for adoption and driving effective use of new Office 365 capabilities, a skillset and mindset that many IT professionals have not yet focused on developing. But the time for doing so is now upon us: your firm needs an adoption superhero to navigate new territory and safely land the capabilities of Office 365. This session provides aspiring super heroes with a new vocabulary for adoption, a set of strategies for driving effective use, and the mindset required to become the adoption superhero at their firm.

If you’re coming to my session, please add it to your schedule, so as to help the conference organisers allocate the rooms for the anticipated turnout.

That countdown timer is still going. Are you coming?

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