Adoption & Effective Use

Driving Effective Use of Office365 – my Workshop at the Digital Workplace Conference 2016

On the day after the Digital Workplace Conference in Auckland a couple of weeks back, as has happened at conferences before, Paul Culmsee and I delivered the post-conference workshops. Paul’s workshop was on becoming the ultimate SharePoint business analyst; mine was on driving the effective use of Office 365.

I had the day with people from five organisations (with all but one not based in Auckland), who wanted to learn a vocabulary for effective use, a framework for approaching the challenge, and various strategies to use (along with examples of when and where those strategies had been used by other organisations). In addition to the framework and strategies I presented, the delegates talked about their approaches, experiences, and learnings to date (which I wrote up during the day and distributed afterwards), and used the materials from the day to consider how to move forward.

It was a good day; I wish the delegates every success moving forward, and will be doing what I can to support their progress.

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